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Your Pets are Family Here! - Dog and cat

Hear from Some of Naturapets Grooming’s Happy Clients


Great Experience for My Anxious Dog

What an awesome experience for both myself and my pooch. My dog has (in the past) had MAJOR anxiety with being groomed, to the point I had to do it myself. I brought her here today and she did so well! And she looks extra adorable!! Can't wait to bring her here on a regular basis.


Chantal B.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Awesome Groomer & Happy Client

Awesome groomer!! Loved how Zoe looks. Have been looking for a groomer that meets our needs. We are very happy with Stacey!


Diana V.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Best Groomer in Town

Stacey is the absolute best groomer in town! Lewis always comes home looking amazing and feeling fabulous! Would recommend Naturapets to anyone who loves their fur babies.


Chandra M.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Gentle with My Dog

First time there and I was impressed with her work and her gentleness with the dog! Plus my dog looks so cute with her Easter barrette and camo coloured neck scarf! Thanks, Stacey.


Kim H.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Very Happy with Stacey & Her Shop

Extremely happy with Stacey and her grooming; her shop is light bright and soooo clean. My Stella is very comfortable going, and I know she will have a good experience while being groomed.


Becky E.

_ _ _ _ _ _


We Drive to Woodstock for Stacey’s Grooming Services

Been taking our pet dog Maggie to Stacey for 10 years now and would not even think about going to another groomer. She is so good with her and Maggie just loves her too. We drive from Hamilton to Woodstock for her grooming as it is only 45 minute drive, but I feel good knowing that Maggie is in good hands.


Pamela M.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Like a Spa Day for Pets

Awesome, is all I can say!! She really cares for animals, and she made sure Lucy not only got a good groom but almost made it like a spa day! Was awesome with my fur baby!!!! HIGHLY recommended!!!!


Kelly R.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Ten Years as Our Groomer

We have been taking Sophie and Frankie for 10 years to Stacey. She is the best groomer. We always know our dogs are safe and well taken care of. Frankie is blind in one eye and was very afraid of being groomed, but Stacey is able to work her magic on him and knows exactly how to work with him. We have followed her to Woodstock and are happy we did.


Susan G.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Stacey Is the Only Groomer for My Dog

Stacey did an amazing job for my dog’s first groom!!! Will never have to look elsewhere for a groomer. Couldn't be happier with her work. Thank you so much, Stacey!!!!!


Stephanie H.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Fantastic with Our New Puppy

Absolutely fantastic! I would definitely recommend Stacey, and our brand new puppy will be a regular at Naturapets grooming.


Lisa C.

_ _ _ _ _ _

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Found a Groomer We Love

Stacey did an amazing job with our Bruin today. We have definitely found a groomer we love, and most importantly Bruin loves her too.


Darrell and Angela K.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Impressive Service & Professionalism

I have been taking my Yorkshire Terrier to Stacey for grooming for over 10 years. I had tried other groomers but when I found Stacey I was very pleased with her service and professionalism. My dog always looks amazing after his grooming! Thanks, Stacey!


Best wishes,

June M.

_ _ _ _ _ _


My Dogs Love Visiting Stacey

Stacey has been grooming my dogs for over ten years; she is an excellent groomer and an excellent person. My dogs are always excited to see her and are treated as she treats her own. I have recommended her to friends of mine and recommend her to anybody looking for a groomer or a friend.



Ken S.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Accommodating & Willing to Work with Challenging Dogs

I cannot recommend Naturapets highly enough. I adopted my dog, Fox, in November 2001 from the SPCA. She is part German Shepherd, part Collie, and I am not sure if there is anything else mixed in there. Fox has separation anxiety. The first time, and every time since then, she has quite the melt down once she got to Stacey's place. Stacey is always happy to take her and give her a great shampoo and cut. Thankfully, Fox loves the water and never has any problems getting in the tub.


A few years ago, Fox decided to chase a skunk. I called Stacey as soon as she opened for the day and even though I am sure she was booked full for that day, she took my very smelly dog. The following year Fox did the skunk thing again, and Stacey made room and took her again. I don't know of any place else with that kind of dedication to their customers that would take a very skunky-smelling dog in that quickly. In 2011, my father adopted a Lab/Retriever cross named Chevy that we started taking to Stacey's as well. Like Fox, Chevy also has separation anxiety but Chevy is a much larger dog and does not like water. Stacey certainly had her hands full on days when these were in there being groomed. Stacey is very accommodating to her customers, and I will miss doing business with her.


Linda K., Hamilton

_ _ _ _ _ _


Great Service for an Outstanding Price

Naturapets run by Stacey McPherson in Hamilton was the best service and had the best rates in town! My Cocker Spaniel, Jackson, loved going to see Stacey! He jumped for joy when seeing her. Jackson always came home in his fancy 'Cocker' cut and smelling really nice, too!


Thanks, Stacey—we are going to miss you! Wish we could come to Woodstock!


Stacey S. M. and Jackson

_ _ _ _ _ _


Wishing You Continued Success

Congratulations on your move to Woodstock. Tiny and all wish you all the best in your future endeavours!



Mike K.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Thanks for Everything

Hi Stacey,


Just want to say thanks for the many years of great service. I would also like to say "thank you" from my mom and the many years of service for her pets.


Diane B. and Roxie

_ _ _ _ _ _


The Only Groomer for My Dog


You are the best. You took my Muffy on as a traumatized puppy who had been treated horribly twice by another groomer. She was so freaked out that she would not let anyone try to groom her. I thought that we would have to sedate her in order for her to be groomed. You told me to give you a chance to work with her before resorting to drugs. I am so glad I found you. You were amazing with her. She has been going to you for 7 years now, and I would not want to take her anywhere else. I am definitely taking the time to drive out to Woodstock so you can keep taking care of my girl.


Good luck with the move and I will see you soon.



Patty K.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Standout Kindness & Caring

I have tried several groomers in the 8 years I have had my Shih Tzu dogs. Of them all, Stacey was the most kind, gracious and loving groomer to my pets and gave the most complete service for a very reasonable price. My pups were happy to go there instead of shaking when they saw where they were headed. They did not cower and suffer from skin irritation after their cut as happened with other groomers I have taken them to. I can't say enough good about Naturapets and Stacey. I'm unhappy about losing such a great service in the area. I am really unhappy for me, but happy for you and hope to be able to come to your new digs in the good weather.


Sue F.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Knows Our Dog & Treats Her with Love

Hello Stacey,


I wanted to let you know that we have really enjoyed having you as a groomer for our Bailey. We took her several times to PetSmart for grooming, and the last time, which was more than 4 years ago, they said she could not come back to PetSmart because she would nip at the groomer. So we looked on the internet and my husband found you. Since then, we have been very happy with your service and patience with Bailey—you have come to know her and her attitude. She is so cute but needs a lot of patience, which you have. As I watched you last week, it’s clear she trusts you now, and I do not want any other groomer for Bailey. I recognized that you do not use the clippers with Bailey because she does not like them—you use the scissors for her feet and ears, etc. That touched me because you know her and love her. Since you have decided to leave and relocate, we wish you the best in the future location. We will follow you because you are so much a part of our Bailey's life and always will be. We will call you soon once you relocate and she needs a grooming done.


All the best,

Joanne, Tome and Bailey

_ _ _ _ _ _


Cared for My Difficult-to-Groom Dog

After taking our Welsh Terrier puppy for his first grooming, we were called by the groomer about 10 minutes later to come pick up the dog—he was being bad and they couldn't handle him. Thankfully, we found Stacey and Naturapets; she advertised that she was able to handle difficult dogs. Not only did she cut and groom him, she gave him the appropriate breed cut. She always makes him look great. We were upset that Stacey is moving an hour away—the dog gets car sick, so travelling to the new spot will be an issue—but I am sure we will try it. I don't think we can find another groomer locally that will cut the dog. Thanks, Stacey! Good luck in your new location; I'm sure you will be getting lots of new clients—you’re a great groomer.


Jane, Hamilton

_ _ _ _ _ _


Unmatched Quality of Care

Naturapets is the perfect groomer for all your pet’s needs.


I have been with Naturapets for many years now and have foolishly tried other groomers, from private to big name businesses, but have always returned to Stacey. The same quality of care for the pets, welcoming atmosphere, convenient schedule and affordable pricing cannot be matched anywhere!


My puppy Westie, Nessie, just loves everything about Naturapets and all her doggy friends that she meets there—not to mention the great care and grooming she gets from Stacey and her staff. My senior Schnauzer, Pepper, was also expertly groomed with care and respect throughout his life.


It will be worth the trip to Woodstock.


Karen W., Stoney Creek

_ _ _ _ _ _


You Will be Missed

For several years my dog, Riley, has gone to Stacey for his regular haircut and grooming needs. She is very professional, caring and helpful. We'll miss her.


Annette V.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Makes My Dog Look Like a Million Bucks

My 9-year-old Cockapoo, Montana, and I have been with Naturapets for over 8 years and have had nothing but the best experience. The staff are friendly, compassionate with the animals and very knowledgeable about what they do. Montana loves to go there and always comes out looking like a million dollars. I would highly recommend taking your pet to Naturapets.


Maria M.

_ _ _ _ _ _


Highly Recommended

I have been a Naturapets customer for many, many years. Stacey has always provided us with excellent customer service. Stacey is very knowledgeable, has many years of experience and, above all, is very patient and kind. I would recommend her services to anyone looking for great service in pet grooming.



Claudia C., Hamilton

_ _ _ _ _ _


Kind Words from a Former Client in Hamilton

Hello Woodstock. I’m just delighted to tell you about Naturapets Grooming! Our Pekinese, and later our Shitzu (both spoiled rotten), went to ‘Auntie Stacey’ for many years. Stacey and her staff have such a natural rapport with all the animals. Our 2 little guys couldn’t wait to get out of the car and visit Stacey. We miss her already. Good luck with the big move!


Irma P., Hamilton

_ _ _ _ _ _


Missing Stacey’s Expert Service

Wishing you good luck as you move on. Thank you for all your patience cutting Bacardi all these years! You will be missed!


Rob, Tracey and Bacardi

_ _ _ _ _ _

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